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Style Matters - bespoke sofas uk

Whether it’s one of our sofas is perfect for you already, or you want a bespoke sofa tailored to you and your business’ needs, Style Matters is sure to have a range that suits you, below are a few of our best sellers and ones we personally love.


Style Matters - Bespoke sofas - Countess sofa


The Countess sofa is a modern classic, simple in design but stylish in any room. It took centre stage at the revamp of the luxury Fish Hotel, this simple luxury pulls the neutral tones together and makes a stylish room. Whether you are looking to keep it neutral or wanting to change this fabric to something of your own to give it the wow factor, this chair is easy to adapt.

Style Matters - Bespoke Sofas - Messina Sofa


With a 70’s feeling and bold lines, this Messina Sofa can be upholstered in any fabric of your choice with a beautifully modern fluted back, making it an all round classic for any venue. It is traditionally upholstered in velvet which gives it a bold finish can be finished in a fabric of your choice which enables you to fit these lines to a room.


Style Matters - Bespoke Sofas - FH308 sofa


The FH308 sofa is comfortable Luxury, particularly with it’s style deep button details. It can also be made bespoke to order for a larger area which is exactly what they did in the Titanic Belfast hotel lounge, you can see our project here.


Style Matters - Bespoke Sofas- Victoria sofa



Finished with modern bold piping with a mix of classic studs makes The Victoria sofa is a statement piece that will brighten any room it is in, especially when you have the ability to customise it however you choose.

From stunning leathers to rich velvets, to neutral colours to bold prints, we are sure to be able to create a sofa that not only matches your needs but adds an extra level of relaxed luxury you deserve.

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