Located in Scotland, the Hendrick’s Gin Palace is unlike any distillery you’ve seen before. It’s been designed to be a “playground for experimentation, invention and curiosity” in keeping with the gin brand’s quirky persona. In the central stillhouse, a dark colour palette allows the original bright copper stills to stand out within their surroundings. A bespoke, stained-glass oculus sits directly above them. The bold and bright colours give a contemporary twist to the venue, whilst the shapes of the chairs and details of the fixed seating ensure that they are timeless pieces. All of this sits perfectly under the magnificent glass roof.

Style Matters provided a number of bespoke pieces including our best selling Suzie lounge chair, as well as a number of bespoke sofas and lose seating. These sumptuous pieces have been complemented with designer fabrics, atmospheric lighting and stunning interiors. The stillhouse provides the perfect location for a drink and relax – all from the comfort of our stylish seating.