Making History with Beatrix Potter

From 1902 to 1913, Beatrix Potter wrote her famous children’s stories and for two of these stories, Timmy Tiptoes and Pigling Bland, she illustrated them whilst staying at Lindeth Howe. The impressive rambling house that Beatrix had bought for her widowed mother in 1915 is underway with a new refurbishment. The former lounge, bar and restaurant areas are being transformed into a space that’s vibrant and cosy.



Cosy seating nooks will be around the fire with comfy sofas to ensure visitors have a pleasant stay. The interiors, designed and procured by Stylise Design will bring the Beatrix inspiration of books, characters and the landscape to life, whilst putting their own creative spin on it.



This is a project you won’t want to miss! With only a 3 week turn around time, Style Matters have been working full steam ahead to produce some truly eye catching pieces.


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