Our Bespoke Service

At Style Matters, creativity and passion for high-quality designs are always thriving behind our doors. Our bespoke design service concentrates even on the intricate details, the wood you like, the thickness you want your product tailored towards to the staining and polishing. With a wide range of upholstery options from stitching, piping, quilting or creating button back finish – we always love a challenge!

We can adapt and tailor our existing products to ensure we meet your visional expectations, maintaining the flare and personality of the original brief. With the desired piece in mind, we can prototype a design that brings your vision into a reality – we are always open to new ideas!


Developing Dimensions

If dimensions need adjusting and altering, our bespoke furniture will give you an insight into how much time and effort we put into every product we make, each piece is custom-designed to make each piece individual to your venue.


Make It Your own

Come to our team with your creative ideas to see what we can have catered to you, our experienced designers and craftsmen can transform a vision into a living solution.


Attention To Detail

We strongly believe in using the skills of talented, time-served industry professionals to produce a solution that’s personal to you by tweaking small details, so you can achieve the perfect design that could be by adding buttons or piping.



We are proud of the craftsmanship and eye for detail that goes into our furniture. You can choose from plain, diamond, fluted, cross-stitch, diamond tufted button, deep button or other. Our bespoke seating can be accustomed to your venue to provide comfort and style and add that extra detail.

Read our post on The Bespoke Blokes to see exactly what they get up to in our bespoke workshop!

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