The Sewing Room

Materials can be selected from a wide range of fabrics, artificial and natural leather, or customers can supply their own materials. From the ordered job cards, the fabric or leather is selected and rolled out.

The templates are placed in order to draw around using tailor’s chalk, leaving the pattern, cutting and sticking down the foam if necessary. Sewing this together you can choose from a number of stitch types. Some include top stitch, twin needle or straight. There are also other options such as piping, quilting or fluting.



What’s your favourite piece we make? “The Millie Barstool because I love its wooden frame and rustic feel. We get so many comments on how comfy it is!”

Describe a typical day at Style Matters?  
“There isn’t a typical day as such as every day is different along with every product! It’s hard work and can be challenging but its thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding seeing the products in situ in amazing venues”

What has been the most challenging piece?

“The Millie can be a challenge due to its intricate design”



What’s your favourite piece we make?  “The Chesterton Canvas because its full of detail with its exposed hessian back, piping edge and studded finish. The Chesterton collection if by far my favourite!”

Describe a typical day at Style Matters?  
“Every day is crazy busy but it’s a pleasure. We get to see each product go through its stages of production form a raw frame to a fully upholstered product to a situ shot”

What has been the most challenging piece?

“Picc 04 Barstool corners can be really tough to sew especially with leather”


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