Waddle This Way

Duck & Waffle Local is a chef curated, fast casual restaurant featuring a duck driven menu that’s inspired by the Duck & Waffle restaurant and its signature dish. The first thing you see upon entering is the bar, where you can have a look at the menu (and grab a drink, obviously) before placing your order at a counter, a little bit like a fast food restaurant. You then sit down and they bring the food to your table. It’s much more relaxed and a completely different vibe to the original Duck & Waffle.



What’s immediately striking is that the décor is also set to mimic the local vibe too. Designed by O1 Creative, the interior takes inspiration from farm-to-table dining – with a twist – merging polished concrete flooring and timber fittings with contemporary sculpture and handmade glazed tiling. The curved corrugated metal ceiling and red open kitchen offer a subtle nod to the original restaurant, while sculptural farm machinery hanging overhead reinforces the casual eatery’s playfulness. We worked with Sue Heaps who specked our beautifully simple Merano Range, these dining chairs and bar stools work well to give the venue it’s relaxed atmosphere. With the option to have them stained in different colours and upholstered or not, they give a designer the flexibility to have them how they wish.

See the Merano Range >


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